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Ruwan Replantable

"Urban Vine is an easy place to quickly learn about urban farming trends and best practice."

- Ruwan Subasinghe, Co-Founder of Replantable, Former #1 Selling Urban Farming Project On Kickstarter
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

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- Helen Andrew, Founder of Spare Harvest

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- Steven Mitchell, Product Manager, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) UK
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine publishes some of the most in depth content with pro urban and vertical farmers that I've seen online. You need to join the Urban Vine community today!"

- Chris Powers, Contributor @ AgFunder News
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine is my favorite site for learning about vertical farming - the guides and content are detailed and top-notch!"

- Clara Edeoghon, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Benin
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine has world class online content on grow lights, indoor growing, and vertical farming"

- Arun Raj, Creator of the best-selling Herbstation MiniFarm

"Urban Vine interviews the top industry experts in grow lights for their content, you need to check out Urban Vine Co if you want to learn more about grow lights and indoor growing!"

- Jeff Mastin, R&D Grow Lighting Specialist, TotalGrow™ Lights
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"As a business development manager supporting the indoor agriculture, CEA, and food tech industries, I can say Urban Vine guides and their insider newsletter provide detailed information often difficult to find online."

- Irena Lundberg, CleanTech Invest Stockholm
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"I have bought multiple Urban Vine guides - they give exactly the information I was looking for, very in-depth. They also have responsive customer service!"

- Tarshia Williams, Urban Vine Co Customer

"I found Urban Vine while looking online for more detailed information and contacts in the urban farming industry, that is what I got from Patrick, really quickly!"

Tod Lickerman, Chair & Managing Partner, The Impact Investment Co.

“Urban Vine is a top source for hydroponic, aeroponic, and urban farming content, check them out!”

Professor, University of Miami, 

"Urban Vine has been producing detailed online content on urban farming, vertical farming, and agricultural technology for years. If you are interested in these areas, you should try Urban Vine content!"

- Penny McBride, COO, Second Chances Farm

"I have been a part of Urban Vine's newsletter focusing on vertical farming, sustainability, and urban farming for over 2 years now, I would recommend it if you like these topics!"

- Debbra Johnson, Co-Chair ARISE U.S. & United Nations Sustainability Consultant

"I have been subscribed to the Urban Vine Newsletter  for several months now, they are providing a great platform for urban farmers and indoor farmers! I hope they continue the good work they're team is doing!"  

- Venkata Vishnubhotla, Urban Vine Customer

"The North America Vertical Farming Companies Report 2023 aggregates many sources of public information on many different companies so that you don't have to do the research yourself, it's worth the money and saves a lot of time"

- John Ireland, CEO, NTP Technologies


"After being a part of Urban Vines newsletter for over 6 months, they have consistently put out industry leading info on vertical farming and indoor farming, make sure to check them out!"

- Gunnar Shaffer, 6th Generation Farmer, Founder and CEO, Agrowponics Vertical Farming

"As editor in chief of an award-winning urban gardening and design blog, I know how hard it is to consistently put out quality content. Urban Vine does just that. Their insider newsletter is a recommended follow!"

- Robin Horton, Editor, Urban Gardens Web

“Vertical Farming: The Advanced Video Course covers the basic fundamentals of vertical farming, if you are just beginning learning about Vertical Farming, it is a great course to start with”

- Zjef Van Acker, Former Chief Engagement Officer, Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), Creator of The 12 Steps To Vertical Farming Course

“Indoor Grow Light Companies: The Advanced Report is a nice summation of 30 grow light manufacturers. Thanks for putting it together...It was a bargain!“

- Anthony Vilgiate, Solid State Lighting Pioneer specializing in Horticultural and custom light fixtures, manufacturing and design. Partner at CABA Tech

“Thank you for all of your newsletter emails and articles! I truly appreciate it!“

- Janella Curtis, Urban Vine Co Subscriber


"Vertical farming is a huge part of the future to provide better access to nutrition and a more efficient supply chain. 'Indoor Farming: The Mastermind Membership' by Urban Vine is the best way I have found online to learn the basics of vertical / indoor / urban farming."

- Bruce Ross, Urban Vine Co Customer


"I was looking up information on Google when I saw your link, "Why LED lighting is ideal for indoor farming" and landed here. Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work in bringing all this information together."

- Silver Arena, Urban Vine Co Subscriber


"Thanks for the information, and thank you for all you do, I am glad I subscribed! :)"

- Christina I. , Urban Vine Co Subscriber

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