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Agriculture Technology Venture Capital Investors Report

Africa, South America, Australia


A report of all AgTech venture capital investors based in Africa, South America, and Australia.

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Details Included:

Search companies by location, funding month, funding size, sub-sector, and more! 

Product Benefits

Save Time: 
We spend over 50 hours compiling each report. In our collective database, there is hundreds of hours of research which you can save once you get access.

Stay Current: 
You will receive continued access to this report each month indefinitely.

Learn Trends: 
Are you an investor or founder who wants to see what sectors and product types are getting funded? This data allows you to see where the competition is the most fierce, and where the opportunities will be in the future.

Money Back Guarantee: 
We are confident in the quality of this product. If you purchase the product and it does not provide the value you are looking for, we will refund your initial purchase, no questions asked, and you can keep access to the data reports that have already been generated.

Why do we offer such a generous guarantee? The answer is simple: most customers like the product so much, they are excited to continue to receive future monthly reports as active customers!


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