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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"As a business development manager supporting the indoor agriculture, CEA, and food tech industries, I can say Urban Vine guides and their insider newsletter provide detailed information often difficult to find online."

- Irena Lundberg, CleanTech Invest Stockholm

Fluorescent, HPS, and MH Grow Lights: The Advanced Guide

The simplest way to learn everything you need to know about HPS, MH, and HPS Grow Lights. 

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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine has world class online content on grow lights, indoor growing, and vertical farming"

- Arun Raj, Creator of the best-selling Herbstation MiniFarm
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"I love Urban Vine Co's guides on vertical farming, grow lights, urban farming, and sustainable living, and am always excited to read their new content!"

- Professor Kelly Pemberton, George Washington University

"Urban Vine interviews the top industry experts in grow lights for their content, you need to check out Urban Vine Co if you want to learn more about grow lights and indoor growing!"

- Jeff Mastin, R&D Grow Lighting Specialist, TotalGrow™ Lights

"Urban Vine is LEGENDARY at being a reliable information source for Vertical Farming, Grow Lights, and Indoor Farming. If you are interested in learning more about these topics, check out their content and newsletters!”"

- Sky Sheridan, Founding Farmer, Chief Innovation Officer, SkyFarms


Chapter 1:
Understanding the History of HPS and MH Grow Lights
Chapter 2:
Understanding HPS Grow Lights: The Basics
(High Pressure Sodium)
Chapter 3: 
Understanding MH Grow Lights: The Basics
(Metal Halide)
Chapter 4: 
The Top 9 Advantages of Metal Halide Grow Lights
Chapter 5: 
The Different Components of HPS and MH Grow Lights
Chapter 6: 
Understanding the Role of Reflection in HPS and MH Grow Lights
Chapter 7: 
Different Types of Ballasts and How They Affect HPS and MH Grow Light Systems
Chapter 8: 
Preparing Your Electrical System to Power HPS and MH Grow Lights
Chapter 9: 
Interpreting HPS and MH Grow Light Specifications
Chapter 10: 
What are Double-Ended HPS Grow Lights and Are They Necessary?
Chapter 11: 
The Role of Light Movers In a Grow Room

"As an innovator and researcher developing new technologies in the indoor farming and grow light space, I've seen first hand the need for vetted information in our space. Urban Vine is a leader in the market I have seen producing this content!"

- Scott Massey, Co-Founder and CEO of Heliponix© and former research engineer at Purdue University Horticulture College for Space Farming, TEDx speaker.
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine publishes some of the most in depth content with pro urban and vertical farmers that I've seen online. You need to join the Urban Vine community today!"

- Chris Powers, Contributor @ AgFunder News
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine is a phenomenal resource for vertical farming, urban farming, and grow light info. If you are interested in learning more about those topics, you should have checked out Urban Vine yesterday!"

- Dan Nelson, CEO and Co-Founder, Grow Computer, Inc.

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