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LED Habitat

An elegantly designed and top-performing grow light


"Came fully assembled, and I had it planted in less than 20 minutes out of the box! Seed mats are super easy to plant, and my lettuce mix was out of the ground in just 3 days. Love that it sits on my kitchen counter where I can get my daily garden fix through the winter."

- Marta P.


Made in the USA from sustainably harvested wood, an LED Habitat uses high-performance technology to deliver maximum-intensity, full spectrum grow lighting with a modern architectural flair.

Perfect for growing healthy seedlings, vegetative, and flowering plants. It uses the highest quality, longest-lasting LED lights available to ensure years of productive, reliable operation.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Each LED Habitat includes a free Kitchen Garden Seed Mat, seed starter soil, and a set of ultra-durable Grow Trays — a top tray with drainage holes and a leak-proof bottom tray to avoid oversaturating your soil.

Size: Outside dimensions: 10"W X 16"L X 20"H - interior clearance 13" to light.

"Saw LED Habitats last year at a garden show, and bought myself one for this year's spring seed starting.
I didn't expect the seed mat that came with it--nice bonus! Now I can grow a salad while I wait for March, when I'll start seedlings for the garden. This is a really sturdy unit made by people with expertise and a great story--the kind of business you can feel good about supporting.
Definitely recommend."

- BK

"We received our LED Habitat the other day. It was easy to assemble and with some requested modifications, fit perfectly under our kitchen cabinet and looks terrific. Our first herb seedlings are up too, which is a joy here in the heat of the Sonoran desert summer. Couldn't be happier and highly recommend."

- Diana

"This is an excellent, well-made product. We have had great success with greens and herbs."

- Leah J.

"I can't say enough about how great this product is. I have it in a spot in the kitchen where I previously tried herb gardens, but could not get enough sunlight to the spot. The herbs would last a while then die. This is the perfect solution. Perfect sunlight and the wicking system works fantastically. It takes the guess work out of watering. I can see myself with more of these habitats all over the house. They are well made and work just as advertised. Love it "

- Sean

"I just harvested the second salad from my Led Habitat in just offer two weeks since starting from seed. ITS Abzug how nice and quickly things grow right in my kitchen! Highly recommended!"

- John

"Have been harvesting lettuce, and herbs all winter long! So easy to use. Have it set on a timer, and the growth is fantastic. Have been sharing my produce with friends! Could not be happier with this product 😊!"

- Cathy P.
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