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Who else wants to learn more about vertical and indoor farming, but has no idea where to start? 

You're not alone.

It turns out, there is a TON of growth in the vertical farming space right now, but information is still almost impossible to find.

But the proof is in the numbers...

Did you know? 

According to BBC Research, the global vertical farming market is:

  • Expected to reach $9.96 billion USD in value by 2025
  • Growing at a rate of 21.3% each year
  • Doubling roughly every 3.5 years (at the current rate)

Is Vertical Farming the "Gold Rush" of the 2020's? 

According to a March 2020 report, at least 72 private investments totaling $1B dollars were  placed into indoor farming startup companies between 2017 and 2019.

And people are starting to notice just like you, but most are not informed. You will learn how solve this problem easily below, simply read on! 

The Buzz Is Building

More and More People Are Talking About Vertical Farming...

"Vertical Farming Sales During the Pandemic Are Up"

-New York Times, September 2020
"Vertical Farms Fill A Tall Order During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

- Wall Street Journal, July 2020
"InFarm raises $170M investment, says it now harvests more than 500,000 plants monthly, and in a much more sustainable way than traditional farming and supply chains"

-TechCrunch, September 2020


What does this mean for you? 

The Vertical Farming industry is clearly developing at crazy fast speed.

How can you stay current with all the market developments?

A simple solution is (finally) here.

After following the Vertical Farming Industry since 2016 and gaining over 10,000 community members including indoor farming pros, researchers, and thought leaders, Urban Vine has created a solution that has made it easier than ever for you to have the latest and best information on the vertical farming industry.

Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine publishes some of the most in depth content with pro urban and vertical farmers that I've seen online. You need to join the Urban Vine community today!"

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The solution? 

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- Clara Edeoghon, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Benin

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