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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine has world class online content on grow lights, indoor growing, and vertical farming"

- Arun Raj, Creator of the best-selling Herbstation MiniFarm

Vertical Farming
The Advanced Video Course

The simplest way to learn everything you need to know about vertical farming. 

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“Vertical Farming: The Advanced Video Course covers the basic fundamentals of vertical farming, if you are just beginning learning about Vertical Farming, it is a great course to start with”

- Zjef Van Acker, Former Chief Engagement Officer, Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), Creator of The 12 Steps To Vertical Farming Course
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"I love Urban Vine Co's guides on vertical farming, grow lights, urban farming, and sustainable living, and am always excited to read their new content!"

- Professor Kelly Pemberton, George Washington University

"As a grow light manufacturer, I can say Urban Vine is one of the rare sites online that has current and in-depth information and products available for people interested in grow lights and indoor growing"

- Klaus Messerer, Co-Owner and Production Manager of LED Habitats, a leading LED grow light manufacturer  

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"Urban Vine interviews the top industry experts in grow lights for their content, you need to check out Urban Vine Co if you want to learn more about grow lights and indoor growing!"

- Jeff Mastin, R&D Grow Lighting Specialist, TotalGrow™ Lights

"Urban Vine is a leading online source for urban farming content"

- Lee Schneider, Best Selling Author and Founder of the Future of Food Podcast
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"I have bought multiple Urban Vine guides - they give exactly the information I was looking for, very in-depth. They also have responsive customer service!"

- Tarshia Williams, Urban Vine Co Customer


Module 1:
Course Introduction and Structure
Module 2:
Vertical Farming: What, How, and Why?
Module 3:
The Top 5 Reasons Vertical Farms Are Growing in 2021
Module 4: 
Vertical Farming Design, OpEx, and Business Model
Module 5:
The Top 5 Reasons Why Vertical Farms Fail
Module 6:
The Future of the Vertical Farming Industry and Additional Resources

"As a business development professional with extensive experience in the fresh produce industry, I can say that Urban Vine is a detailed resource for information related to agriculture and the indoor farming industry."

- Andrew Southwood, FreshXPressions, Urban Vine Customer

“I am an academic researcher studying the use of advanced technology in urban food production, Urban Vine has been an amazing resource for understanding the ins and outs of vertical and greenhouse farming. I recommend their advanced guides to fellow researchers!”

- Blaire O'Neal, Ph.D. Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Aeroponic Farming Researcher, San Diego State University

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"As a marketing professional in the indoor agriculture industry, Urban Vine's newsletters, reports and guides are an excellent resource for keeping up-to-date with news and developments in vertical farming."

- Steven Mitchell, Product Manager, Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) 

“Vertical Farming: The Advanced Video Course by Urban Vine was a great course and as an advisor of investment opportunities, it's gold.    The material was well organized and very easy to also went straight to the point on each lesson which is awesome.“

- Avie Grinberg, Urban Vine Customer, Vertical Farming: The Advanced Video Course

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Vertical Farming: The Advanced Guide


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"Vertical Farming: The Advanced Video Course has short digestible modules that keep things simple. The course covers topics surrounding business and operating dynamics of vertical farming like cost/sq ft. and the key differences between conventional farming vs vertical farming. Overall really well done!"

- Shane Thomas, Owner and Editor, UpstreamAg Insights Newsletter

“The material provided at Urban Vine was exemplary.  I was in the midst of extensive research into the vertical farming industry and Urban Vine was a godsend to my research.  

I think the Vertical Farming Advanced Video Course Module 4 is particularly helpful for any facet of research into vertical farming.  

For me, I was looking for information into the financials of a vertical farming business and this information was certainly provided.  If this wasn't already enough, Patrick took the time to personally assist me with numerous follow up questions and continues to provide such a service.  

Really I have never experienced such meaningful assistance in a research matter before and, moreover, I look forward to staying in tune with the publications and Urbanvine continues to distribute.“

- Griffin Giordano, New York University Schack School of Real Estate, Urban Vine Customer, Vertical Farming: The Advanced Video Course
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“Urban Vine is a top source for hydroponic, aeroponic, and urban farming content, check them out!”

Professor James Brazil, University of Miami, Founder, Studio James Brazil, Green Architect