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Vertical Farming: 
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Did you know? 

The global vertical farming market is:

Even more interesting: 

In 2019 alone, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in new vertical farming companies and their technologies.

What does this mean for you? 

The fast changes in the space can be hard to keep up with. How can you stay current with all the market developments?

A solution is (finally) here.

Urban Vine has now made it easier than ever for you to have the latest and best information on the vertical farming industry (easily).

The solution? 

Vertical Farming: The Insider Newsletter

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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"Urban Vine publishes some of the most in depth content with pro urban and vertical farmers that I've seen online. You need to join the Urban Vine community today!"

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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

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- Arun Raj, Creator of the best-selling Herbstation MiniFarm
Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"I love Urban Vine Co's guides on vertical farming, grow lights, urban farming, and sustainable living, and am always excited to read their new content!"

- Professor Kelly Pemberton, George Washington University

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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

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