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Helen Andrew Spare Harvest

"If you want to learn more about growing your own food, you need to check out Urban Vine!"

- Helen Andrew, Founder of Spare Harvest


The easiest way to grow your own organic wheatgrass, at home, in 10 days.

Your order comes with:

5 individual SproutPods, each able to produce approximately 500 grams of wheatgrass in 10 days

5-pack for $24.00

"The product arrived on time, was packed well and undamaged. My wheat grass grew in about 1 weeks time and looks beautiful. I only had to water it one time during the setup, and would definitely buy this again!" 
Jaco - 9/27/18
"I was surprised how easy it is to start growing, no set up was required apart from watering it once. Grew in about a week and it is gluten-free so makes me feel better about my smoothie choices. I think I got 4 smoothies out of it now thinking about putting it in pastries."
Guergana - 9/8/18


Enjoy A Superfood: Wheatgrass provides a concentrated amount of nutrients, including iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C and E.

Easy To Use:
SproutPod takes less than one minute to set up and takes 10 days to grow. All you need to do is fill the tray with water up to the fill line and set by a sunny window.

No Mess: This is a hydroponic wheatgrass kit, so there is no soil needed. The seeded lid fits snugly over the tray to prevent splashing while moving the SproutPod.

Environmentally Friendly: Seeds included in each SproutPod are all organic. There are no added harmful chemicals. The SproutPod is made of compostable materials, and the packaging is recyclable.
"We really like this way of growing wheatgrass for our morning coldshakes, as it's fast, easy, attractive on our countertop, and all the compressed fiber parts are compostable or recyclable."
Scott - 12/31/18

The Urban Vine 45 Day Guarantee

Urban Vine keeps everything simple. Not only do you get a great price today, but you are covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee for a full 45 days!

After ordering, your SproutPod will arrive in 3-5 business days. If the product does not work as expected, you will receive a refund, no questions asked. Just e-mail us.
"I can't believe you only have to water it once! Incredibly easy to use and produces terrific wheatgrass"
Stephen - 10/31/18
*Your SproutPod will arrive in 3-5 business days in the US and Canada.
"This product works as advertised and is very easy to use. We filled the tray with water (only once at setup), closed the lid (which contains the seeds), placed the unit by a window, and went for a 1-week vacation. The wheatgrass was growing great when we got back. We let it grow for 1 more day before we harvested."
Nalin - 10/7/18
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