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How Does Vertical Farming Work?(For Beginners)

How Does Vertical Farming Work?

What is vertical farming, and how does it work?
What are the main differences with normal farming?
Can I do it on a small scale myself?

All of these answers and more are discussed in this article...

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3 Fundamental Types of Grow Lights For Indoor Urban Farming You Should Know About

3 Fundamental Types of Grow Lights For Indoor Urban Farming

If you are growing in small spaces or climates with less light it may make more sense f or you to try growing indoors vs outdoors. 

There are some differences you should know about when urban farming indoors for the first time. 

One of the key changes for any indoor urban farming project is your lighting.You're almost certainly going to need some type of grow light.


Grow lights will help solve one of two problems: they will either...

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3 Basic Soilless Growing Methods For Urban Farming Beginners

3 Basic Soilless Growing Methods For Urban Farming

Not all growing methods involve soil. By the end of this article. you will understand the basics of "soil-less" growing mediums and why soilless growing mediums are used.

Why Soilless Growing Mediums?

Soilless Growing mediums for urban or small scale agriculture have a couple specific advantages over growing with just soil, as well as some downsides. For the sake of thoroughness, we will cover both:

Advantages of Soil-less Growing

1. Modular: soilless growing in many cases can be more easily scaled. One example of this is vertical farming, where growing areas are vertically stacked on top of one another in multiple levels. 

This modularity is often more difficult with traditional soil growing. If you have a certain plot of land, it may be extremely difficult (or even impossible) to expand this area without purchasing additional land (potentially expensive / hassle) or disrupting your surrounding environment...

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9 Key Facts Urban Farmers Must Know About Nutrients

9 Key Facts Urban Farmers Must Know About Nutrients

What do beginning urban farmers (or even experts) need to know about fertilizer?
We discuss this topic and much more in an exclusive interview with Nutri-tech solutions founder and plant nutrition expert Graeme Sait.

Content Covered: 

Nutri-tech solutions background
1. Soil and growing medium and the link to the environment
2.The importance of fertilizer in growing
3. How urban farmers can easily manage plant nutrition
4.The "process" of setting up your first basic urban farm or garden
5. The biggest misconception urban farmers have about fertilizer
6.Increasing crop yield, preventing insects, measuring brix levels, profitable urban farming
7.The best tools for beginner urban farmers
8. Hydroponic and soil-less growing mediums + common mistakes
9. Additional book recommendations for urban farming beginnersMore on Nutri-tech solutions...

Urban Vine: if you just wanted to start off with sharing a little about Nutri-Tech Solutions and kind of what you guys do, your story and what your role is and we can start there?

Graeme: Sure, I'm the founder of this company, called Nutri-tech solutions, in Australia, we started (the company) 23 years ago, it was a kind of a life changing thing, I had a daughter who was hit by a car outside of her school, and in a coma for 3 months, and she got worse and worse...

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Grow Light Unit Economics (From a Pro) With Jeff Mastin of Total Grow Horticultural Lighting

Expert Tips On Horticultural Lighting Jeff Mastin

We sat down with Jeff Mastin, R&D Specialist at Total Grow Horticultural Lighting, to discuss the future of horticultural lighting, from small scale kitchen counter systems to mega-sized vertical farms.

UV:  A lot of people who come across Total Grow probably aren't too familiar with it. Could talk about the background of it and your involvement, and maybe your personal story and how you got involved in the biology side of it. I'm sure people are curious why a biologist might be working with horticultural lighting. 

Jeff: That's could be a half hour story right there, a lot of pieces. Trying to not get too spread out on it all. The company behind total grow is called Ventis Technologies. 

We had been, and still do, specialize in integrating semiconductor technologies into applications. So that was really in the realm of touch-sensing technology before we got into lighting...

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