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Growing Tips For Indoor Urban Farming And Hydroponics (From a Pro)

Ally Monk and Ramen Dutta co-founded  Motorleaf, an indoor hydroponic and greenhouse automation startup in 2015, when Ramen made the first working prototype (image of a current product below). CEO Ally shared with us the history of Motorleaf, the role of Artificial Intelligence in Urban Farming, and tips for indoor urban farming beginners. 

Most importantly, Motorleaf is now live on Kickstarter! If you find this article interesting, check out their kickstarter page!

Sections Covered: 

- The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Urban Farming
- The typical scale of indoor farmers in acreage
- How the components of the Motorleaf system help indoor urban farmers
- Tips to Improve Indoor Growing: Conclusions from the Motorleaf Data
- How to design a "blueprint" for your urban farming system
- Rapid Fire Questions

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Urban Farming Tips From The Hottest Indoor Ag Project On Kickstarter

Urban Farming Tips From The Hottest Indoor Ag Project On Kickstarter

We interviewed co-founder Ruwan Subasinghe of Replantable to chat about urban farming tips, the beginning of Replantable, and the Nanofarm, their new urban farming project taking kickstarter by storm

Patrick: Hey guys this is Patrick from Urban Vine and today I have a very special guest, we have Ruwan from Replantable, his company is developing new technology, a new product for growing mixed greens and some other exciting stuff, right in your kitchen, it's a minimalist design, it's meant to be an easy introduction for beginners, for people who may not be as experienced [with urban farming]. 

How are we doing Ruwan? Are you in Atlanta right now or you guys just got started in Atlanta? 

Ruwan: Yeah, in Atlanta right now, and I'm actually home at the moment but we have headquarters downtown in Atlanta and we actually manufacture the appliance here too.

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7 Surprising Lessons From An Urban Farming Professor

7 Surprising Lessons From An Urban Farming Professor

Dr. Aaron Fox is an urban farmer and professor who was recently hired to start an Urban and Community Agriculture program at Cal Poly Pomona in the Los Angeles area.

He and his colleague, Eileen Cullen, are developing classes on production, business, policy and community development all related to urban farming. 

They will be offering a “Minor in Urban and Community Agriculture” starting Fall 2018. We caught up with Aaron to discuss his insights on urban farming, discussing:

- Is urban farming just a fad? 
- How do you plan for a commercial urban farm correctly?
- What are trending crops he is hearing urban farmers are growing
- What conventional urban farming wisdom is wrong
- Questions he most commonly answers from his students interested in urban farming, and his answers

and much more! Interview below:

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The History Of Urban Farming (From a 40+ Year Veteran)

The History Of Urban Farming (From a 40+ Year Veteran)

Glenn Behrman first started the Plant Shed in the 1970's, and has been involved with urban agriculture for over 40 years.

We caught up with Glenn to discuss many topics, including his personal story, container farming versus vertical farming, and what is wrong with today's perception of urban farming.

Can you tell us a little bit about CEA Advisors and what you guys are working on now and how you got started?

What is your background in the urban farming industry?

My career started in the foliage industry in the early '70s. When I first started there was no such thing as a real foliage industry. It was houseplants but (at the time) there was no such thing as houseplants.

You know what I mean? There was no Home Depots and no aquaculture and no LED lights. There was no real marketing channel. It was a fragmented industry.

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11 Must Know Lessons From The Largest Canadian Urban Farm

The History Of Urban Farming (From a 40+ Year Veteran)

Paul Hughes is the founder of, an 11-acre, 9,000 volunteer non-for profit urban farm in Calgary, CA with the goal of producing over 10 million food items from their farm in 2017. 

Even more impressively, all of the crops will go to feed disadvantaged citizens in the local community. We caught up with Paul to discuss compassionate farming, the intersection of urban civil policy and farming, and even discussed less common urban farming topics, like what "rat root" is.

Sections Covered: 

Introduction: What is Grow Calgary? 

1. How to get people involved in urban farming

2. The "Mow to Grow" Urban Farming Model

3. How to farm on public urban land

4. How to think about different growing mediums

5. A specific and easy growing system set up

6. How to start seeds simply and cheaply

7. An example on how to start seeds cheaply

8. Germination Rate of Second Hand Seeds

9. Effect of Herbicides and Pesticides on Plant Growth

10. Best Crops to Start with as an Urban Farming Beginner

11. Rapid Fire Urban Farming Questions

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