11 Urban Farming Podcast Episodes You Can Instantly Learn From

Let's face it: when you're trying to understand anything new, you may not have the patience to slog through a long and boring text article on the subject.

So what's a better option? 


Listening instead of reading can often times be less tedious.

If you want to learn about urban farming, wouldn't you want to hear interesting stories and learn directly from urban farmers themselves instead of reading a boring instruction manual? 

That's where podcasts come in.

11 Urban Farming Podcast Episodes You Can Instantly Learn From

In this article, we will walk you through 11 podcasts, step-by-step, that will instantly teach you more about urban farming than you knew before.

For each podcast, we will provide a short summary so you understand the purpose, as well as a link.

Keep on reading! 

1. Colin McCrate On High Yield Vegetables


2. Bill Sadler on soil and plant nutrition


3. Stephanie Tourles on natural ways to repel insects


4. Sheri McLane on Soil and Plant Testing


5. Edward Griffin on Indoor Smart Gardens


6. Heather Szymura on Hydroponic Container Gardening


7. Alastair Monk on the Future of Growing Food


8. Julian Awad on Backyard Riches and SPIN Farming


9. Robert Colangelo on Vertical Farming


10. Ruwan Subasinghe and Costas Simoglou on Nanofarms


11. Stacey Murphy on Urban Farming In Brooklyn



If you listen to these podcasts...you will learn TONS about urban farming. If you liked these podcasts, you may like our other articles.

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