Urban Vine: The Best Urban Farming Guides For Beginners

About Urban Vine Co

Urbanvine.co was created in June of 2016 to help urban dwellers learn how to start urban farming without any previous experience.

This effort started with a few short, less technical blog posts: 

"99 Urban Farming Facts You Didn't Know (until now)"

"29 Surprising Benefits of Urban Farming"

As the site grew, we discovered that "urban farming" was actually a general term that can include a wide variety of "small scale agriculture" concepts, including: 

- Grow Lights

- Vertical Farming / Indoor Farming

- Hydroponics

We discovered there were thousands of people online who wanted to learn more not just about urban farming, but these very specific, more technical aspects of small-scale agricultural production.

As a result our published blog posts became more focused: 

"How Does Hydroponics Work"

"How Does Vertical Farming Work"

"Why LED Lighting Is Ideal For Indoor Farming"

At the same time, Urban Vine Co began to interview industry experts in an effort to provide a new perspective to beginners:

"7 Essential Indoor Growing Tips (From The Pros)"

Over 25 interviews so far have been conducted with industry leaders, academic experts, and other influencers in horticulture.

Today, in addition to free online content, Urbanvine.co offers you both physical products and informational guides on our online store.

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Founder, Urbanvine.co