11 Urban Farming Podcast Episodes You Can Instantly Learn From

Let's face it: when you're trying to understand anything new, you may not have the patience to read through a long and boring text article on the subject.

So what's a better option? 


Listening instead of reading can often times be less tedious.

If you want to learn about urban farming, might you want to hear interesting stories and learn directly from urban farmers themselves instead of reading a boring instruction manual? 

That's where podcasts come in.

11 Urban Farming Podcast Episodes You Can Instantly Learn From

In this article, we will breakdown 11 highly informative podcasts, step-by-step, that will instantly teach you more about urban farming than you knew before.

For each podcast, we will provide a short summary so you understand the purpose, as well as a link.

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1. Colin McCrate On High Yield Vegetables

Author of High-Yield Vegetable Gardening and Food Grown Right, Colin McCrate breaks down several topics in this podcast, including: 

- how to use record keeping in your garden
- how to work with restaurants by creating gardens on their roof
- The secrets to increasing yield in your garden

2. Bill Sadler on soil and plant nutrition

Bill Sadler has a doctorate in Biochemistry and has been farming for all of his life, having successfully operated vineyards, tomato fields, and other vegetables.

In this podcast he shares: 

- the keys to soil nutrition
- how analyzing where your weeds are

3. Stephanie Tourles on natural ways to repel insects

Stephanie Tourles has authored twelve books including Organic Body Care Recipes, Hands-On Healing Remedies, and Naturally Bug-Free.

In this podcast she discusses: 

- natural methods to limit insects
- negative effects insects can have on your plants

4. Sheri McLane on Soil and Plant Testing

In this podcast Sheri discusses:

- What high PH can mean for your soil or growing medium
- What you need to test for in your soil
- What is "agronomy"? 

5. Edward Griffin on Indoor Smart Gardens

Edward Griffin is creator of Lyfebox, an indoor farming system for leafy greens. A campaign for Lyfebox was successfully launched on Indiegogo in April of 2017.

In this podcast Edward discusses: 

- the keys to growing indoors
- the value of water in the future
- why the current commercial production is not the way of the future

6. Heather Szymura on Hydroponic Container Gardening

Heather Szymura is a urban farmer based in the Phoenix area, growing out of a single container hydroponically.

In this podcast, Heather discusses: 

- the metrics and output of her container farm
- lessons from working with restaurant owners
- differences between growing hydroponically and growing in soil

7. Alastair Monk on the Future of Growing Food

Ally Monk is the co-Founder and CEO of Motorleaf, a company building new automated greenhouse management systems.

In This Podcast Ally discusses: 

- kickstarter projects for urban farming
- why greenhouses need better water management
- how data will change agriculture in the future

8. Julian Awad on Backyard Riches and SPIN Farming

Julian Awad is the founder of Backyard Riches, a company that teaches the basics of SPIN Farming, and has several previous experiences in entrepreneurship.

In this podcast Julian discusses: 

- how to turn a backyard plot into a profitable urban farm business.

- SPIN Farming (Small Plot INtensive Farming) and how it works

9. Robert Colangelo on Vertical Farming

Robert Colangelo is a scientist, author, and environmental entrepreneur who has created multiple companies in the urban farming space.

Currently he serves as host of Green Sense Radio Show and Founding Farmer/CEO of Green Sense Farms.

In this podcast he discusses: 

- how vertical farming works
- what types of volume to expect for crops like basil and lettuce
- the challenges of vertical farming

10. Ruwan Subasinghe and Costas Simoglou on Nanofarms

Ruwan Subasinghe is the co-founder of Replantable, a company building innovative indoor growing systems.

Costas Simoglou is the director of the Center of Innovation for Energy Technology, where his mission is to help Georgia’s companies accelerate the development of their technologies.

In this podcast they discuss: 

- the amount of produce wasted in the US
- Why more people don't grow their own food
- How the nanofarm grows produce automatically

11. Stacey Murphy on Urban Farming In Brooklyn

Stacey Murphy is an urban farming educator who has taught hundreds of teens and adults how to grow, harvest and prepare fresh foods. 

Stacey started BK Farmyards, a cooperative of urban farmers in Brooklyn dedicated to social justice through urban agriculture, and helped create over an acre of new farmyards in Brooklyn. 

What Stacey covers in this podcast: 

- The keys to farming in Brooklyn vs other places
- The link between government and urban farming
- Common mistakes to look for in your urban farm


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