A Complete Guide To Urban Farming In Detroit

Detroit, once a massive industrial center, has recently become a world center for urban farming.

In fact, there were over 1,400 urban farms in Detroit as of 2015.

But here's the thing:

There are so many urban agriculture projects on going in Detroit, there is no organized list of all things urban farming in Detroit.

Until now.

A complete guide to urban farming in Detroit

In this post we discuss all you need to know about urban farming in Detroit.

You will learn: 

What are the major urban farming companies in Detroit? 
What are the key urban farming initiatives in Detroit?
Which of these companies have volunteer or donation opportunities? 
What are some popular videos and documentaries of Detroit Urban Farming? 

Do any of these questions tickle your curiosity? 

Read on to learn more! 

Detroit Urban Farming Companies

Brother Nature Produce

Brother Nature Produce has been operational in Detroit for over a decade, and has developed quite a following.

Check out their Facebook Page here.

Earthworks Urban Farm

Earthworks Urban Farm, part of Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit, is a 2.5 acre urban farm located in the city of Detroit.

Earthworks itself was founded in 1998. In addition to the urban farm, Earthworks also operates an apiary (bee-hive) which produces honey.

For more information on getting involved with Earthworks, click here.

Detroit Urban Farming Initiatives

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) 

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative is a non profit organization that focuses on starting urban farming projects in Detroit.

MUFI projects focus on addressing key problems in Detroit such as: 

- vacant land
- poor diet
- food insecurity
- nutritional illiteracy

The landmark project for MUFI is a 3 acre urban farm located in North Detroit, which also incorporates green infrastructure projects in addition to urban farming.

To donate to MUFI, follow this link.

Keep Growing Detroit

Keep Growing Detroit

Keep Growing Detroit (KGD) states their mission to "promote a food sovereign city" in Detroit where the majority of produce consumed by residents grown in Detroit.

KGD partners with farms of all sizes in Detroit to aid in awareness and commercialization efforts.

The KGD core goals are to: 

1) Foster healthy food relationships
2) Grow food and farming knowledge
3) Cultivate Community
4) Nurture Leadership
5) Change the value of food
6) Develop food assets

More info on Keep Growing Detroit

Detroit Urban Farming Documentaries

For those that are visual learners: 

Urban farming in Detroit has been the subject of numerous documentaries and specials. Below are four of the most popular videos and documentaries on the urban agriculture movement in Detroit.

Detroit Urban Farming Documentary Completed in 2014 by http://detroitghetto.com/, a media collective focusing on documenting Detroit's collapsed infrastructure. (25:20)

2012 America Revealed Story on PBS (4:10)

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative Interview with Pinky Jones on-site. (13:58)

Voice of America mini story done in 2011 (2:57)


After reading this article, you know all there is to know about urban farming in the motor city.

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